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How to sell a house in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Has COVID-19 been harmful to the real estate sector? Discover all the perspectives of the sector in this situation of global crisis, where all our priorities have changed, including those of selling a house.


How to put a house for sale in the middle of Covid-19

What you have to bear in mind is that COVID has meant a radical change in our day-to-day life, and that is that this global pandemic has revalued currencies such as bitcoin and properties (although in the latter we are not talking about monetary value but rather a value more related to quality of life), such as our home, where we have had to carry out a long period of confinement and where we have noticed all those things that we do not have and miss, such as a house with a garden or a flat with terrace and sea views.

If you wonder if you will find buyers for your home and if selling a home is profitable, the answer is yes. The real estate market has changed and so have we, so the first step is to adapt to change. Therefore, you must take into account the following steps that we are going to explain to you to adapt to change.


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Steps to follow to put your house for sale

– Analyze the market and set a price

You have to take into account many factors to impose the price of your home, such as the evolution of prices in your area, your city or your neighborhood.

On the other hand, it is important to know the market value of your property. Therefore, calculate the price per square meter and apply it to your home.

Finally, how much are buyers willing to pay for the properties, what is the evolution of demand.

– Have the property documentation in order

To sell a house, it is always required to have all the documents and procedures in order, on the other hand, you have to pay all taxes and fees when selling.

Therefore, our advice is that you get in touch with professionals to manage everything you need both to sell a house and to buy it.

For this reason, for example, you must have in order the municipal capital gain, which is a tax on the value of urban land, which must be paid when you inherit, donate or, as in this case, sell a property.

You must also keep up to date the cadastral value or the bonuses established by the town hall.

Also take into account notary fees, since you will need their services and this is an expense for you.

– A perfect home needs proper preparation

You need to change the house for sale with a facelift, a 180 degree turn, so that buyers will fall in love with your house.

You must repair all the damages that may detract from the value of your home, no matter how small they are. On the other hand, a redecoration can enhance your floor, and make it gain economic value. Do not make a house for yourself, if not for your potential buyer.

Another option is hiring a decorator who allows you to do that facelift for a stipulated price that involves a small investment that increases the value of your home.

How to attract clients to sell a property?

It is important to enhance the factors that attract current customers, such as hygiene or visits through new technologies or 360-degree scanners to make virtual visits to the future home of your dreams without leaving your sofa.

Therefore, in this new normal it is important to have optimal hygiene when selling a property, even if you do not live in it, however, if you are still living in it you can take virtual tours and visits.

On the other hand, good publicity through effective advertisements can make the sale of your property much faster. To all this, we must add a good marketing and advertising strategy to publicize your home.

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If you can sell a property in times of COVID – 19!

Leave the sale of your property in the hands of professionals, and forget all the complications that COVID-19 can generate, we can take care of all the procedures where technology has become our best ally to carry out all operations for the sale of a house.

And even if you think it is not the best time to sell, prices change and the situation is versatile, so it may be your best opportunity to put your house for sale. Therefore, ask us all your doubts that arise and we will start the project to put your property for sale.

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