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Selling your house: frequently asked questions

A quick guide to what you need to know.

To calculate the sales price for your house, a property valuations expert will carry out an appraisal in person, taking into account the unique features of your house and the market demand. Furthermore, we use the sales prices of thousands of properties sold in recent years, as well as a database of more than 20,000 properties currently on the market for sale, in order to give an accurate valuation.

This will depend heavily on the area, type of property and pricing strategy. On average, it takes between 5 and 8 months to sell a house.

We can find buyers for a quality property at any time of the year. Notwithstanding, the best months to sell tend to be March, April, May and June.

A well-presented home normally sells faster and for a higher price. Less is more, so get rid of anything you don’t need, depersonalise your house and say goodbye to your old life. Make small improvements and harmonise the spaces. Lastly, do a deep clean.

All our Marketing activities will be strategically designed to reach clients who would be interested in a house like yours.

  • Segmented and location-specific digital marketing campaigns.
  • Compelling adverts on the top national and international property portals.
  • We’ll get your house in front of 1,000 local agencies and, in the target area, via professional platforms and networking to attract their clients.
  • We’ll carry out email marketing campaigns to buyers, investors, local agents and agents in the target area.
  • We’ll create alerts on our CRM systems.
  • Social media campaigns.
  • We’ll create a hand-out window card.
  • We’ll put up a For Sale sign

Royal Decree 218/2005 dated 11th October, approving the Consumer Information regulation for property sales and rentals in Andalucía, obliges all estate agents to have a document with clear and precise information about the features of the property and the financial terms of the offer made available to the public:

  • DNI (National ID Number) of the homeowner(s)
  • Legal person, deed of constitution and powers
  • Copy of the deed of sale
  • Copy of the non-certified extract from the Land Registry
  • Proof of payment of latest Council Tax (IBI) bill
  • Proof of payment of latest rubbish collection tax
  • Proof of payment of last Community Fee
  • Energy Efficiency Certificate
  • First Occupancy Licence

16 reasons to sell my home with HHomes

  1. Professional valuation report and pricing strategy recommendation
  2. Guidance on how to present your property with Home Staging techniques
  3. Put up a For Sale sign
  4. We’ll create a compelling advert and publish it on the top real estate portals (national and international)
  5. Segmented and location-specific digital marketing campaigns
  6. Publish the listing on
  7. We’ll get your house in front of 1,000 local agencies via professional platforms and networking in order to attract their clients.
  8. Social media campaign
  9. Email marketing campaigns to: buyers, investors, local agents and agents in the target area.
  10. Automated client alerts via our CRM system
  11. Hand-out window card to all interested clients
  12. We filter calls from potential clients by their different languages
  13. We give you feedback on the results and propose solutions for re-engaging clients with complete transparency
  14. We help you with all the paperwork (property registration, deposit agreement, energy certificate…)
  15. Experts in negotiation and closing.
  16. Support throughout the entire process and signing for the purchase at the notary.