Puerto Banús

Puerto Banús

After its 50 years of history, the marina of Puerto Banús is recognized worldwide as a luxury nautical and tourist destination. The most demanding visitors are also seduced by its unique offer of luxury shopping, the largest and most exclusive yachts in the world and extraordinary luxury cars.

The marina of Puerto Banús is a beautiful place to enjoy the traditional Spanish ‘walk’, people-watching as you stroll alongside luxury yachts, losing your gaze on the Mediterranean Sea, and have a few cocktails or a five-star meal and after hours enjoy from the variety of exciting clubs and nightlife.

Why live in Puerto Banús?

Puerto Banús in Marbella is one of the areas that attracts the most attention because it is a beautiful city, and it is not surprising if we consider that it gives us an exquisite atmosphere and the best quality of life, as well as a spectacular place. This area of Marbella is located in a very famous luxury port and its town appears a very exquisite Mediterranean style, which has become a destination of wealth, glamor and fun. It is an enclave where there are many luxurious places and its beaches are unforgettable. For these reasons it would be a great choice to buy a home in Puerto Banús.

Puerto Banús Lifestyle

Puerto Banús is the heart of Marbella and has one of the most important marinas in Spain. This makes the entire area of ​​the promenade especially striking for lovers of luxury, with shops where we can find products for all tastes. We can also satisfy our hunger in one of the select restaurants in the surroundings. Being in the port has generated a unique, calm and relaxed lifestyle, in which time passes slowly while you enjoy the good weather and plenty of sun throughout the year. If this area of ​​Marbella stands out for something, it is for its wonderful beach, which certainly are two, the beach of Río Verde and that of El Duque, with pale golden sand that invites you to lie down and sunbathe and clean water, in she finds all the services you may need. At dusk you can continue enjoying the beach, but in a different way, thanks to some of the most select nightclubs such as Ocean Club or Buddha Beach. Puerto Banús is the perfect place for the lover of luxury and good weather.